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The travel diaries: China - time to get sentimental

Guess what? The following photos portrait my return to the place I call home: after seventeen years I got to set foot in Macau!!
The journey was long and tiring. First a long taxi ride, then a long train ride, and then another train, another taxi and finally.... I could smell the familiar scent of the water and jetfoil fuel... I was almost home! ❤️
How to get there?

Beer, money and a first class seat. Can you even tell I was excited?

First meal back home! Yummyyyy ❤️ And then we went clubbing because "there ain't no rest for the wicked".

After clubbing, what do you do? Sightseeing. Enjoy the views without the crowds.

Sunrise at Forte da Guia.

Followed by perfect shots at the Ruins of St. Paul.

Time to sleep a little, recover some energies and.... FOOD!!!

My level of excitement was beyond the charts, I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the food. Ups.

Kun-Yam Goddess Statue

A-ma Cultural Village