The travel diaries: China - Shanghai to Guilin

Out of the city and into the Nature.

Before leaving Shànghǎi, I decided to walk to The Bund and watch the sun rise over Pǔdōng. It was a great idea and gave me te opportunity to feel the energy of one of Shànghǎi's busiest spots.

It's easy to lose track of all the great photos you take on holiday, and I had almost forgotten about the one below:

The colours on every single one of these photos mesmerize me. And also, notice how it was dawn and  there were already people walking around the riverside?! Early birds, indeed!!

Could there be anything more touristy than eating KFC in the train? It tasted so good and kept us entertained for a few minutes. :)
After what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at.....

GUILIN!!! Home to some of China's wonders of Nature, it was a place we were really excited to visit! We were in no way disappointed, but maybe another day there would have been better (we arrived in the afternoon and left two days later before lunch).

We booked a hostel and it had a beautiful rooftop patio, where I took the picture above and the one below.

It was time to grab dinner and so we went in search of food.

Cute panda-themed shop.

The famous sun and moon pagodas. Breathtaking, beautiful. 💚

Two very tired peas but all worth it in the end!
See you all next time and don't forget to read the previous diaries 😊




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