The travel diaries: China - Guilin day 2

Our room at the hostel was so cute, it even had this table and pillows so we could sit by the window!
For our full day in Guilin, we decided to visit Yao Mountain first thing in the morning. It has the first tourist cable-way in the province and breathtaking views.

Don't believe me? ("Ask the dishes")

What's the first thing you think about when you see these?

It was such a thrilling experience: we were hanging in the air as we tried to absorb as much of the scenery as we could. Mountains, mountains everywhere and as far as the eye could reach!

Sneaking some pictures of this awesome person!!

I have to stop but these pictures are so beautiful!! 

The Animals of the Zodiac. Which one is yours? I was born in the year of the Horse!

I feel like a hobbit about to go on a quest!!

We came down from the mountain and went to visit the old town of Daxù. Picturesque, streets sizzling with the weight of Time, as the town dates back to the Song Dynasty, making it over 1000 years old.

The structure on the water is a restaurant. Given the proximity to the river, Daxù is famous for its fish dishes.

Tiny fishes and shrimps with vegetables and boy oh boy, it was yummy!

One of my favourite places in town: this is on a bridge and as soon as I saw the fudog and the mountain behind it I started looking for the right angle to shoot!

Thought we were done sightseeing? Naaah, time to visit the Reed Flute Cave, closer to Guilin this time!

Inside the cave it was humid and cool. And what beautiful sights we saw... In my mind, I even called it the "Cave of Wonders", because of the shapes and lighting effects.

There was even a special show inside the cave and lots of "oooooh" and "aaaaaaah" from the cheering crowds. Definitely worth the visit.

After the cave, we walked around for a while and then went back to Guilin to visit the Solitary Beauty Peak.

(Using the fish eye lens)

Seriously, how can you get over this view?

Watching people feed the fish via baby bottles, whaaaaaaat?!

Time for a night cruise on the river. Funny how the use of lights and colour can make a hill, rock or whatever stand out!...

Just another shot! His patience knows no limits!!




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