The travel diaries: China - cruise

Wanna know the best way to travel between Guilin and Yangshuo? I don't mean the most effective or cheaper option. I really mean THE BEST. Wanna know?

Pack your bags, bring a fan and put on sunglasses. Prepare yourself for a cruise along the Li River and enjoy 2h30mins of spectacular views.

Not buying it? Enjoy the pictures below and let me know if I am wrong.

Such tan, much wow!!

When in China... *peace*

These are really some of my favourite pictures. I saw a lot while traveling in China, but the beauty of this  cruise will always delight and amaze me.

Words truly fail me, I can't describe this scenery.


Guess what? The cruise takes to the place in the river that is printed in the 20¥ bill. Wonders of nature in currency.

Sorry if this post seems to show nothing but green and blue, mountains and water, but the images deserved a post of their own.

The beauty does not end here. Like I said, we were on our way to Yangshuo...




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