The travel diaries: China - Shànghǎi day 3

Hello, hello!!

So, day three in Shànghǎi was spent partly in the Yu Garden and partly strolling around.

The surroundings of the garden (above) look like those of a baazar!

Feeling like I was inside a movie, the landscape and everything in the garden was so peaceful.

My faithful yellow bag, a model I bought from SAMSONITE. Waterproof, full of pockets and extremely lightweight!

Back in the outside: SO.MANY.PEOPLE!!!!!
And the baazar feeling, once again!

Pre-lunch game: something yummy! And I was able to meet friends who were also traveling in China :)

Actual lunch: spice beef noodle soup!! Delish *thumbs up*

Visited a temple and tossed a few coins inside the giant "pot" you see above. It is said that the higher the coin gets, the luckier you'll be!

The funniest way to pick a drink! Only in Asia (or asian neighbourhoods)!!

 Dinner was all kinds of yummy and after it was time to go to E.P.I.C and get a super cocktail with cucumber and merengue!

This concludes day 3 in this very confusing city. While you know you are in China, the buildings, the general architecture of the city feels very western and typical chinese buildings are not easily spotted!
Stay tuned for our adventures in day 4, the last one in Shànghǎi!




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