The travel diaries: China - Sūzhōu

After flying from Xī'ān to Shànghǎi, we headed to Sūzhōu, the Venice of China.

Known for its sumptuous gardens and canals, it is a nice day/overnight trip if you're ever near Shànghǎi (and have the time to spare, of course).

I have to admit: from this point onwards, our trip was constantly changing, as we added more places to visit and changed hotels and arrival dates. Our life saving hack was and its free cancelation policy. 

Initially we were going to stay elsewhere, but ended up at The Waterfront Hostel. Very simple, clean and nicely decorated, and with the cutest little mascot ever!!!

There was also a Golden Retriever, also super nice and friendly!!

We rented bikes at the hostel, went for a ride without destination, it started raining and we had to wait for it to stop, under a pavillion, watching the river and the boats pass by.
We visited one of many gardens, saw the Temple of Mystery and wandered the streets (on foot and by bike).

Right after (or before, I don't really remember) the rain. It was nice watching the water stir and the boats passing.

The hardest restaurant to find, the hardest place to order some food but...boy, it was worth it!

Time to visit one of the gardens, The Lion Forest Garden.

This was our 24 hour stay in Sūzhōu.
It was time to return to Shànghǎi and really explore the city. And celebrate my birthday :)




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