Images tell a story #95

I have barely noticed how time has passed. Only now have I seen that my last post was in July, 4 months ago!!

I know I have yet to show you all the amazing adventures I had in China, but for now I'll leave with a glimpse of what happened this past week.

Layering season is officially here! Time to bring out the whool sweaters and ear muffs, put on cozzy socks and drink tea, lot's of warm tea!! ^^
Lipstick: M.A.C x Chris Chang in Plum Princess

I really like this phone case and the fact that I can make an Atomic Kitten joke with it! (Close your eyes/ Give me your hand darling...)
LIpstick: SEPHORA Rouge in Crush

Seeing a talented group of musicians play is always amazing! And yesterday was no exception.
Live in Lisbon, São Luiz Theatre

And ending the night with a pretty cocktail... Pink and blue, how could it not work? Definitely the best looking Blue Lagoon I have ever seen.

Have a great week!



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