Creeping closer

This is the general feeling I get everyday. First, I was 10 months away, then I blink and I'm 8 months away and buying a plane ticket. And now... Now I'm less than three months away from what could possibily be the adventure of a lifetime. Time is not only flying but the months are creeping up on me and whispering "Ssssurprise, it's getting closer".

I'm getting giddy and feeling like I need to read and research as much as I can. Yes, I'm sort of a control freak when I travel and I have gone to the point where I plan out and entire day of sightseeing and include two option for restaurants (both for lunch and dinner), because food is important, you know?

Like I said I'm less than three months away from traveling and I have prepared a few things for the month long journey, but the big aspects will be taken care of mid May and June.

I wanted to share this and won't go into any details but I'd like to write a timeline post with what I'm doing and how am I preparing for this trip. Yay or nay? Leave a comment below! :)

Have an awesome week!!



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