The travel diaries: London part 4

Well, I hope you're not tired yet of seeing the photos of London.
These are from our last day, when we decided to take a walk in Notting Hill, visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum and....

Notting Hill

We were so lucky to have such great weather. It made the area even more charming. The houses, the shops and their was all so welcoming and nice!

Baker Street/ The Sherlock Holmes Museum

To be fair, we didn't visit the museum. We delighted ourselves inside the shop and saved a few pounds!!

Pensive poise: who did it better?

What's life without dear friends? :)

The Sky Garden

This one is a must-go!! A rooftop garden with an amazing view of town? (Provided the weather is kind enough to let you enjoy it) It's something you can do for free in a city where most attractions as overly priced, so do take advantage of this. Head over to the website and book what time you want to go (limited places per slot).

See how the building on the top left photo looks like Sauron's Tower? No?


Apparently this is a big thing, a "typical" portuguese restaurant that serves chicken. Well, not so big on the typical side, but the food was good and not too expensive ( we paid around 10£ each).

Adventure yourself and try the spicy sauces. Go on, you daredevil!

Well, the final photos are coming later this week, but feel free to check the previous posts and both videos, now live on youtube!

May your monday be sunny and extra sparkly!!



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