The travel diaries: London part 3

Hello everyone! I hope your week is starting off just great!!
I felt really productive this sunday so I decided to share more photos of the trip to London.

These are from sunday, February 7th. We went clubbing the night before, so we left the hotel a little later and spent a couple of hours inside the British Museum. I heard it was a must go if you wanted to see some rarities from Ancient Egypt and I was not disappointed.
Besides the Egyptian exhibition, we also saw the Asian wings: China, Japan, Korea, India, etc etc.

I took a lot of photos, seriously a lot. So, what you're seeing here are just some highlights. Something to make you go to London and visit the BM (if you haven't yet).

After the museum, we headed to the store you see above. Although they call it "korean store", I saw a lot of products I used to buy when I lived in Macau. But mostly, it's korean. An ideal destination if you want k-pop cds/dvds and/or if you want to browse through a small section of korean makeup.

Although it was rainning (no, really? In London?), we also walked a little outside: I wanted to get a HARD ROCK tshirt as a souvenir, so we went to Hyde Park, where I took two of the pictures above.

As for the third one? Well, being a Harry Potter fan, a girl who eagerly awaited her Hogwarts acceptance letter at the age of 11, I needed to go to Kings Cross, right? There was a huge queue, too many people who, like me, wanted a picture with the sign and the car. Well, I didn't get to take one but I was sneaky enough to snap one from outside the queue as the next person in line was called to put on the scarf.
That's my tip: don't expect a picture of yourself unless you have time to spare and stand in line. Just go to the side and take it.

Well, this post was missing some food, am I right? After going to the korean store, we basically went back to the BM and had lunch at a small but so nice korean restaurant called Seoul Bakery. I'll definitely go back and I strongly reccomend it. The prices are super affordable, water is complimentary - and believe me, you'll need it - and the food is awesome. 

Dinner was fish and chips, because "when in Rome, be a roman", right? We went to Nag's Head and they also had a delicious strawberry and lime cider! The fish was great too.

And this is us, at the end of the evening. Day two was complete.
Hopefully, I'll get through the photos of day 3 by the end of the week!

Don't be a stranger, leave a comment. Were you in London recently? Did you try these restaurants? What did you do?




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