The travel diaries: London part 5

Helloo, hello!!

It's been a while since the trip to London and going through all the photographs took me longer than expected, so the posts took some time to upload. Plus, I'm a procrastinator at times! *giggles*

Anyway, these are the photos from our last day.
After our lunch at NANDOS, that you can see here, we went to...


That's right babes! I am a biiiiig The Beatles fan and knowing I could cross Abbey Road just like they did was fun! The crosswalk itself is just like any other.

And I took the picture from the wrong side, but who cares?! I did it anyway!

What stood out immediately after crossing the street was the Abbey Road Studio. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to photograph the building but I felt a little emotional just imagining the music legends that crossed those doors.
We were able to visit and photograph the shop though! (Better than nothing I'd say, right?)


Greeting us were boards with facts dating back to the 1930's!!

And inside was pure Heaven and it takes a whole lot of self restraint not to buy the entire stock!!


There's no good way for me to describe this place, not to the point to do it justice. It's a mix of traditional retailers and then some not so "conventional" stores. You'll find hundreds of phone cases for sale and to fill all your dreams and desires. And you'll find a melting pot of different cuisines inside what was once a stable. Got you curious?

It was in Camden that we had the *most amazing waffles*!!

I can't recall exactly how much was it but it was cheap and the owner even taught us a couple words in malay. 


We headed to the Tower Bridge afterwards and it was sooo windy!! But there was no rain or fog, so we got a good look at it.


Surprise, surprise... We had dinner at Chinatown, at a nice japanese restaurant. It was a cheap meal, as were all of our meals, each of us paid 7,7£, with as much tea as we wanted.

Boy oh boy, was it good. It would be so great if we had these restaurants here in Lisbon (and as affordable).
After dinner we walked to Piccadilly Circus and said our goodbyes. 

What an amazing trip. Spending a few days with these ladies was awesome and wouldn't it be great to do this every year?! Thank you for being such wonderful traveling companions!!

I can't wait for my next trip and all I'll say now is that it will be the trip of a lifetime.
Have a great week.



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