The travel diaries: London part 2

Finally, I managed to edit more pictures. It's not easy and it's breaking my heart: I loved every minute I spent there and these amazing ladies made the trip so great!

So, these are the last pictures from saturday.

Trafalgar Square/ Chinatown

Chinatown was my favourite place in London, by far. We ended going there everyday and I was just so happy and so much at home (weird right?).
We had lunch at Gerrard's Corner and bought moon cakes at Kowloon Bakery. I highly recommend both places and I'm sure there are other great restaurants there, in case you're looking for Dim Sum.

We decided to do lunch comunity style: picked a few dishes and shared everything between the four of us. This was our most expensive meal: each of us paid about 9-10£. Like I said, our most expensive meal. We drank jasmine tea.
The moon cake was a real treat given it's been nearly 17 years since I last ate one. I brought two to Lisbon and they stay fresh and delicious for a long time. 

Because the theme was "Asia", we walked to a place that sells amazing bubble tea. It was good but my stomach couldn't take the combination of tea+milk so I didn't fully enjoy mine.

The decorations gave me a huge feeling of nostalgia: having spent the first nine years of my life living in Macau, I celebrated the Chinese New Year and being in London right around the time of the beginning of the Year of the Monkey provided me the opportunity to relive those memories.

Regent Street/ Carnaby Street

All I can recall feeling was "SO MANY PEOPLE", essentially the same I felt around Piccadilly Circus. I managed to go to LUSH at Oxford Street and see all the amazing things we don't have here. *sighs*
Carnaby Street is just adorable. Like a small village inside such a busy and crowded area. Buildings and stores seemed to perpetuate the idea of village and the bad part was that it was raining and we couldn't really take our time admiring every little detail.

We went back to the hotel to get ready and go clubbing that night. Fortunately (or not) we were having so much fun getting ready and laughing we forgot to take pictures. Ups *guilty smile*

This was day 1. The previous post shows pictures of Westminster, the Big Ben and the London Eye, St. James's Park, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. 

Stay tuned for the rest. :)



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