Two thousand and sixteen

Happy New Year and may 2016 bring everything you wish!

2015 is behind me and all I can say is "FINALLY!!!". It definitely was not my year, although it did have some good moments: 

- the trip to Morroco was amazing and I loved every bit of it. I ate so many delicious food, the drinks were always present and it was the best way to end summer.

- concerts: The Script, The Prodigy, James Bay, Bear's Den, Bombay Bicycle Club, Florence + the Machine, Franz Ferdinand & Sparks are just some the bands I saw this past year. Festival season is one of the best times to be in Lisbon. Although the number of people in the streets increases, the city just pulses with new energy and cultural diversity.

- the trip to the South of France was another good moment. The sights, the food, seeing a group of young and talented musicians dazzle new audiences is priceless.

As for this year? I have a few awesome ideas/plans:

- travel: this is a special thing and I shall share more about this over the next weeks!

- concerts: Florence + the Machine are returning to Lisbon and I have my ticket!! 

- make the most of my time. I'm entering the "late twenties" stage and I feel I've only been existing and it's time to start living! (See travel above). 

- consider learning a new language. This would make everything so much more interesting *winkwink*

- learn how to make dim sum/ dumplings from scratch

And I want to improve and become the best version of myself I can be (predictable, so cliché)

Cheers 2016, let's get along and kick some ass!
What are your plans for this year? :)



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