Getting fit

One of my decisions for 2016 was to improve myself. One of the meanings of this decisions was to be more active and become more fit!
It's no secret I do yoga and I love it. Last year, I finally bought a mattress and I decided to start this year with new gym clothes. Since OYSHO has launched a fitness line, I thought it was worth the investment.

#1: shorts. Black and pink, quick dry fabric and with an extra layer that stays fitted to your thighs. Perfect for summer workouts.

#2: cropped leggings. Again, same colour scheme, quick dry fabric. I have already used them and they are super comfortable! These are great for mid-season/ cold days. I also put on a pair of leg warmers, but they are quickly tossed aside once the practice begins. *laughs*

#3: Organic cotton top. Working out and being environmentally conscious? YES SIR!! The fabric feels so soft and lightweight, it was a really great find. Now I can leave the old tshirts at home and practice with a little more style.

Usually the amount of time I do yoga at home is less than the time of the lessons, but I have found myself wanting to do yoga spontaneously as a way of relaxing and releasing some pressure, specially from my back. Also, my mattress has come in handy to do some fitness exercises, like abs, planks, lunges with twists... *smiles proudly*

2016, I am ready to get fit!!
And you? Are you doing any workouts at home or do you go to a gym?




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