I'm loving them...

We all have favourites, right? Favourite foods, music, places. And of course products.

What I want to talk about are two products that have become the pillars of my morning routine. The only reason that keeps me from using them is lack of time due to those extra minutes of sleep!
Curious much?

Here they are: THE BODY SHOP Spa of the World - Japanese Camellia Cream and SLEEK Be Beautiful Blemish Balm.

The BB cream: that's right. A BB cream. I asked a friend what she thought of the idea of me getting one. I have a normal skin and have been blessed with 0% achne. There are no spots or scars for me to cover, so the idea was to find a light product that gave my face an even tone, without making it look like I had a mask on. After reading reviews online, this was the best brand for normal skin: it doesn't turn orange over the day, easy to apply, dries fast and doesn't look to shinny or matte. The other plus was the fact that SLEEK is an affordable brand. I wasn't sure I'd like the way it looked on my skin, so spending a lot of money on a product that I might not like... Nuh uh, no sir!
I'm glad things turned out for the best. The colour I picked up matches my skin and goes well with the concealer I wear. The formula is very light and stays even throughout the day (no cracks or small lumps  gathered around the nose or anything).
I definitely reccomend and will buy this again. But you should always read reviews online and find the best match for your own skin - this brand works for normal skin but others will work better for different types of skin.

(How the package looks and how much I need to cover my face. Yup, that's all it takes!)

And now the cream.

It's no secret I love THE BODY SHOP. For years I have been a faithful client and I have tried countless fragrances and produtcs. When it comes to keeping my skin hydrated and smooth, I trust their lotions and body butters like no other. For a while I used the Polynesia Spa body lotion with Lotus and Frangipani and it was heaven on my body. To me, this was their best formula and scent for body lotion.
The brand recently changed the Spa range, renaming it to Spa of the World and presenting their clients with new packages, new products and new scents. If you haven't yet, go check it out at your nearest store. I did and lost my heart to this camellia cream.
From the scent, fresh and delicate, to the texture, light and like whipped cream, ending with the sensation on the skin, this is a clear winner! Another plus is the size, 350ml instead of the usual 200ml. Looking for a product that's light and keeps the skin hydrated and scented all day? DING DING, winner over here!

Where to find them and €$£:

SLEEK BB Cream, SEPHORA, c.12€
THE BODY SHOP Spa of the World Japanese Camellia Cream, THE BODY SHOP, 26€

What products do you wear everyday and can't live without?



P.S: Because I have been asked a few times, I'd like to let you know the following: I am not, in any way, sponsored by any brand mentioned on the posts. I value a few brands and their ideals and occasionally, I like to share my opinions on certain products. If anything were to change, the posts would mention that. :)


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