I dont't know how does it work for you, but wearing a nice lingerie really boosts my mood. Something about the delicate fabric or feminine pattern, I'm not sure which one, helps me release my inner goddess and get in touch with my female sensual side.

Guess what? Here are some of my favourite pieces in stores right now. Actually, in store (sing.), since they all belong to OYSHO
One of my favourite type of item is the body. I have one myself and am really looking forward to expanding the "collection". You'll find two pieces of loungewear/pjs, 'cause staying at home wearing cute/nice clothes is also a good deal!

Do you wear lingerie on a regular basis or do you save it for special times? Or do you stay away from it altogether and just go for the basic underwear?




  1. O que adoro nos bodies é que posso usar um body com uma saia ou calções por cima e fica a parecer um top eheheh. até costumo fazer isso com um maiô! :D

    1. Este de veludo Aazul que mostro aqui é perfeito para isso. Saia preta e fica um conjunto optimo para uma saída ou para uma ocasião mais especial! ^^


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