What have I been up to

As I opened Blogger to start typing, I noticed how long it's been since I posted anything. It's been too long but the last weeks and weekends have been so busy, there was no time left to edit and/or write.

From July 27th to the 3rd of August I was travelling/working in the south of France. It was a very tiring week, a lot of things to attend to to make sure the Concerto Moderno (string orchestra) tour went well. And it did. When you work with great individuals, things always turn out great!
I had the oportunity to visit Avignon, Uzès, Pont du Gard, Aix-en-Provence, Arles, Cannes, St.Paul de Vence and St.Raphaél. St.Paul de Vence was by far my favourite place: a small town inside its medieval walls, and in every street you'd find an art gallery. Here are some pictures of the places and people that shared these beautiful moments with me.

Frigolet's Abbey was also a place made of dreams. Every inch of its was and ceilings was painted and decorated. Blues, reds, greens, religious and floral themes, it was a marvelous sight and the prchestra had the oportunity to play inside.
My biggest disappointment was Aix-en-Provence: we had only a couple of hours to wander before the concert and the city did not fascinate me in any way. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go back and visit Aix properly.

And now it's time to do absolutely nothing. Just rest and enjoy the summer.
(Ok, maybe do a few posts ;) )




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