My moroccan dream part 2: what's in my bag?

I am writting this from Casablanca! I arrived today during the afternoon and have already been to one of the local souks and I have also enjoyed a delicious morrocan dinner. But more on that later...

So, what did I pack for this trip? I actually had to be cautious because of the locals. Although it's summer and much warmer than we expected, shorts and tops with cleavage can draw unnecessary attention, so stay away from those! I brought only a carry on and a backpack, keeping things simple!

Just an overview: everything neatly packed in small canvas bags. Medicines is something I always pack, specially when traveling to a country that can make you sick just by drinking tap water!

I had to bring a piece of clothing suitable for a fancy evening, in case we go out for dinner. The rest though, is pretty normal: light fabric tshirts and tops, a denim skirt and a pair of harem pants. Given that we may go to the beach, I also packed a pair of denim shorts. Although showing your legs can draw attention from the locals (and apparently they have no problem coming over and grabbing your butt), skirts are less shocking and a "safer" option. Pants are mandatory if you wish to visit the mosques, as well as covering your shoulders. I brought my pashmina too, to cover my head and/or shoulders.
Since we are close to the beach and the weather is really good, beachwear was also essential.
We will be doing a lot of walking so I had to bring my sandals, one of the most comfortable shoes I have. A pair of havaianas and my Paez shoes and off we go.

 And now the fun part:

Usually, I end up packing more than I need and more than I can or will actually use.

Here, the body and face products. Honey body butter and argan oil lotion, BB cream, makeup removers (liquid and creamy formulas), toner/eye cream/facial cream, shampoo and conditioner. All I need to look decent.

And the makeup! Like I said, essentials. Concealer and powder, blush, eyeliner and mascara, set of 4 eyeshadows in bright colours and lipsticks. I picked my current favourites: SEPHORA's red, M.A.C's Chatterbox and Heroine and a nice coral shade from THE BODY SHOP. A few brushes, my eyelash curler from H&M and a solid perfume from LUSH, thus avoiding unnecessary problems regarding liquids in hand luggage.

There you have it, what I packed for this trip. I'll try to update the blog during the trip but you can always check my Instagram @martabgsilva to see what I'm up too.




  1. lucky girl! I wish! :D
    and great packing abilities!

    1. Thank you!!
      Nothing like a small bag to make you learn how to pack ^^


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