Beauty haul

Hey hey! So, after 2 weeks of absolutely no posts, I'm back! Forgive my absence, but sometimes you need to get away, relax and come back stronger. Also, I had a huge amount of work to get done and that left me just enough time to sleep and not much else...

 So now I'm back and I have some new "friends" with me.

Sephora: one of the best places to shop awesome deals during sale season! My nailpolish collection continues to grow and now my face routine has 2 new items. 

The roll-on gel is the best! At this point, I am beyond tired and my eyes have dark circles and look puffy, so this product was a great find. After a few applications, I began noticing some changes and it's good for retouches during the day. But nothing beats a good night sleep, amen!
I haven't reached any conclusions about e serum. My most problematic area is my nose and I'm always looking for serums/masks/scrubs to clean my pores. LUSH's Cosmetic Warrior and Mask of Magnaminty have produced the best results. Let's see how this serum works, maybe a review later on. :)

I believe a girl can never have too many nailpolishes and this three caught my eye instantly. Only missing is the Mirabella, soon to come home with me!

Some close up shots:

This one has some sparkles and a grainy effect!

A classic vivid red and a dark metallic blue. 

Would you wear any of these? Have you tried the gel or the serum?



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