Once upon a time there were Lungs. Along came Ceremonials and now it's Big, Blue and Beautiful

The tilte is self explanatory: this is a post about Florence + The Machine!

Unfortunately, I only found out about Florence + The Machine too late and missed their first show in Lisbon. But as soon as I heard Lungs, I was hooked. Florence Welch has a delightful voice, so fresh and sweet, but so primal as well. Recalling the single Dog days are over, its beating drum and Florence's raw voice, I can't stop myself from moving to its rhythm, swaying my body and waving my arms.

The band's sound evolved beyond the standards of Lungs (and there was nothing standard about that album, believe me) and Ceremonials came out. Reinventing themselves but maintaining things familiar to fans ( like me, yeah), there were more electric instruments and more synthesized sounds. There was no longer the nymph-like red-headed girl running through the woods: this was the time to let go of demons. 

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful hit stores last week. It's the bands third album and I was super excited to listen to it. A few singles were launched, along with videos on youtube, but I was amazed when I heard the album for the first time. Initially, I was tempted to say this work continues along the same lines of Ceremonials, but as I keep hearing it, seems more like a healthy fusion. I still don't know how to describe it but it is worth listening. Also, the band returns for the second time to Lisbon and I can't wait to dance to these songs, as well as the previous albuns.

The booklet that came with the cd is AWESOME! The quality of the photographs is amazing and Florence looks absolutely mesmerizing! 

Are you a fan? Have you heard the new album?




  1. A voz da Florence nunca me convence nada (mas eu tenho um problema com vozes femininas agudas, na música), mas a música "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful" do último álbum é TÃO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


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