We all hear about the benefits of ginseng: tones the skin, revitalizes and refreshes.
Imagine those properties combined in a mask... For the eyes!

What you see above is what you get! Following a trend of facial masks I have seen at SKIN79, it's time for SEPHORA to come up with their own range of face and eye masks. My experience with the first brand was inconclusive, I saw no results, so I was a little unsure of what to expect from this one.

The package: 

Bright yellow, black and white letters, the usual for SEPHORA. The problem is reading the instructions. The font is extremely thin and small and when paired with the brightness of the yellow background, reading is a hard task.

The patches: there's a pair inside, single use. The smell is pleasant, for those who like ginseng, of course. 

Me before the mask:

I look tired and my eyes are puffed. Courtesy of lack of sleep/need of holidays!

Patch applied: here's where the instructions come in hand. It took me a second look at the package to know how to place them; hopefully if you buy a mask, you'll remember this image or come back to refresh your memory. ;) 

Tip: place the package in the freezer for 30min to cool the mask and get an extra-fresh sensation around the eyes!

(Remove the patches and...)

Results: my eyes felt better, no doubt, and my dark circles seem to be less dark. I suspect this is something that requires consistency, a routine, in order to produce really good results. Since this is the first try, I'm happy with the results and would consider buying it again. 

Have you tried these or similar masks? Share your thoughts and tips.



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