Colour wishes

With the months passing by and the light of summer holidays shinning brighter at the end of the tunel, i want colour. And light fabrics. I want the warmth of spring as it it slowly transitions into summer and shorts and high-heeled sandals.

As always, I'm in love with the same brands. And I'm also trying to get away from my comfort colours and turning to brighter vivid tones, as yellow and red. OYSHO's bikinis are lovely as always and it's going to be tough pickig just one. ZARA has had major improvements over the last seasons, making it hard for me to buy just what I need. The dress seems so fresh and the pants make me look slim and taller. Plus, anything with an oriental print is a winner with me!
I'm addicted to bags; my parents have said this for years and I know it to be true. But how can I resist when BIMBA & LOLA always make such pretty collections? Who wouldn't want a pretty red bag as these? Ever since I bought a backpack, I've ditched the shoulder bags during the week, thus reducing the back pain. But I can also reduce the amount of junk I carry and stroll around Lisbon with that beautiful shopper, right? As for the bracelet, doesn't it just SCREAM "Summeeeeeeer"?
Last but not least: nailpolish! These are from M.A.C's upcoming launch, Wash and Dry. I love these shades and just bought a nailpolish from M.A.C. The formula seems great so I may end up investing in these as well!

What are you wishing for at te moment? What would you like to buy?
Have a great friday.




  1. so happy warm days are coming back!

    1. I hope you're right, i really need sunny days! ^^

  2. Are you going to continue images tell a story? I think it's a good way to show your week outfits. Just an idea :)

    1. Yes, I'll continue those posts. There's a new one, check it out :)


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