5 fashion things having a job has taught me

Ever since I finished college and started working, some changes have happened in my fashion life. I am the youngest member of the staff, this is my first (almost) full time job and the environment, although casual and laid back, requires a certain discretion and poise on my part.

#1 Working at a school and having to deal with the parents as well as with the kids, cleavage/see-throughs/extremely short shorts and skirts are frowned upon. The first two are just rude in a school environment. As for skirts and shorts, I wear them a lot during winter (with tights!), but it becomes tricky in spring. I only wear them when it's to warm to consider anything else. Harem/aladdin pants are also acceptable. Just remember: the shorter the bottoms, the more coverage you should have on your top, going for a boat or round neck tshirt.

#2 Balance your makeup. I struggled a little with this one. As much as I love black eyeliner, even when I use a super thin brush, I rarely make a thin line. This makes me look a lot more edgy and formal than what the situation requires. I wore black eyeliner almost everyday and usually with a bright lipstick. As time passed by, I knew I had to dial down the makeup for weekdays: concealer, BB cream (this is new), mascara and blush. My no makeup look is finished with a lipstick or gloss. I am still faithful to bright and bold colours (purple, burgundy, red) but I've learned to balance: eyeliner or eyeshadow means nude gloss or lipstick; just mascara calls for a nice colourful shade of lipstick.

#3 It's ok to wear jeans and sneakers. It's really unnecessary to wear pantsuits and court heels. As long as you look groomed and your jeans are not ripped or cut too low that your underwear is showing, you're fine. Also, avoid wrecked CONVERSE: I know they're beautiful and they're meant to be wrecked, just not at work.

#4 Your bag is your best friend. I have yet to get my driver's license, so in the meantime, buses are the quickest way to get me to work. It takes me anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes to get to work and a good bag is key. A shoulder bag can be gorgeous but wearing one everyday and ridding the buses standing on your feet can give you terrible shoulder and back pain. This was me after two months of work: my back was hurting, my posture was terrible and the discomfort I felt made me extra tired. Months ago, I bought a yellow backpack from BIMBA Y LOLA: stylish and my back is painfree!! Even if you don't carry too much stuff around, the weight of the bag alone can be painful, specially if worn to many days in a row.

#5 Stay true to your own self! You will struggle in the beginning, trying to find the right way to adapt your personal style to the work place protocol, you will need to do some shopping (perhaps), but in the end it's all about balance.

Do you have any tips about fashion in the work place? Is there any mantra you follow?



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