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Two more items from the Toledo edition for M.A.C have found their way to my place. This has to be one of my favourite collaborations: the colours, textures, packaging... Everything is gorgeous!

Today I want to talk about Victoriana but you'll also see Venus Red in the pictures ( but no swatches, that review will come later, maybe).

A gloss and a nailpolish. Both red.
Victoriana has a darker edge to its colour, fading into a cherry-like colour after a few hours.

I honestly see no down sides to this product: it has a thicker texture than other glosses I've tried, so it does not smuge. The sticky feeling is fine, nothing to say here.
What I liked, aside from the colour - so beautiful - was the effect on the lips. I have thick lips, no need to wear products to make them look bigger, but this gloss made them look so plumped and pretty. 

Again, no smudging, no risk of looking like a clown! ;)
I'm becoming a fan of these glosses, well done M.A.C! *thumbsup*




  1. Beautiful gloss! Waiting to see another lipstick of your collection! It seems you have such a wonderful one :)

    1. Dear Anonymous, thanks for the lovely comments. :) i'm glad you liked the gloss and I'll try to feature a lipstick in one of the next posts! ^^


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