2 X 2

Somethings don't change for me and buying cds from my favourite artists is one of those things. And just recently I bought two!
And you know what else? In a moment of pure luck, I managed to buy two items from the M.A.C Cinderella collection. And I say 'pure luck' because usually limited editions aren't available in Portugal. Cinderella and Toledo seem to be exceptions or maybe something is changing? *wishful thinking*

Of Monsters and Men, My head is an animal
Florence + The Machine, Lungs

Glass Slipper (gloss), Little Black Bow (fluidline)

Oh, and a new lipstick! Because a girl can never have too many lipsticks!

Little Black Bow, Chatterbox, Glass Slipper

Have you bought any cds recently? Or makeup?




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