Take my money!

Essentials. Necessaties and basics, for everyday use. A wishlist doesn't have to be only about wants, but it can also be about needs, right?

1/2 - ZARA
3/5/8 - OYSHO
6 - M.A.C Snob Lipstick
7 - CONVERSE X Andy Warhol

I have come to realize that my black trousers are ruined beyond repair so it's a good thing I can replace them right where I first bought them last year. Another black item missing in my closet is a pair of Chucks. I have a pair of black ADIDAS, but it's not the same and I miss using black All Stars.
I'm a sucker for lingerie and underwear, so it's something I always want and this water green set is beautiful, delicate and feminine that I just want to grab it and take it home. And the bikinis have the amount of colour and joy, so come on, summer! I'm waiting for you and I need rays of sun and days at the beach!!
The lipstick and the blouse are as neutral as it gets for me, given that I'm not a fan of whites and beiges and ivories. Also, neutral lipsticks as everyone sees them, don't go well with my skin tone, so I turn to pinks, to get some colour in my face! This pink shade is perfect for those days when I can't be bothered with too much makeup but I still want to wear something soft.

And you, BIMBA Y LOLA, can you please stop tempting me? PLEASE?




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