Valetine's Day: His and Hers

KWe're back to that time of year called Valentine's Day. Sheldon would say to take your someone special to witness a massacre, but if you're more like me and prefer the romantic aproach, here are some ideas of special things you can buy. :)

A nice pen and planners if your man likes to actually write things down. For the tech savvy, why not give him a speaker for "iThing", that also looks great as an alarm clock? Then you have your safe options: a coat, a watch and chocolate. Chocolate is always nice!

And now for the girls: pretty straight forward items, right? LUSH has great products for Valentine's Day and I find this heart shapped soap just adorable. And then there's makeup/jewelry/lingerie and flowers, all screaming love and romance! I found the candle in a google search and IT IS GORGEOUS and would make for a very nice gift. Chocolate, just like for the guys, is also an acceptable choice. For me, TOBLERONE is a great option, since it's expensive and a treat I only get on very rare occasions, specially the white one.

The selection of products include brands like:

I hope this helps you find the perfect gift for your significant other (if you're into Valentine's Day).

Have a great week.



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