Being an enthusiast of all things from The Body Shop, I'm always looking forward for new products and ranges.

Recently, the brand launched their Smoky Poppy line, with Turkish poppies and just in time for Valentine's day. I have featured the body lotion on this month's wishlist, but along with the line came another product.

These Velvet Sticks are suitable for lips and cheeks. The colours look vivid here, but I tested them in the store and was a little disappointed. The coral one was also on my wishlist, but I found the colour to be very light on the lips. 
So what did I bring? See the black one? "Black lipstick and black blush?" Naah!!

The packaging is gorgeous, but I'm a sucker for black and pink. Also the poppy flower print blends in very well with the logo!

Here's what's interesting: this stick is called "universal" because it works for everyone. But not everyone will get the same shade! The colour changes according to your skin's pH and temperature. I got a purplish shade and it's very flattering on the lips. My mom tried it and got a pink shade. So, different people, different shades, same product! Cool right?

It feels very soft on the lips, almost like a peach (velvet indeed!). It's a matte lipstick, so it doesn't shine, and just like advertised, leaves a nice stain on the lips.
So far, I'm really enjoying the product. Maybe later I'll give the coloured ones another try :)

Would you buy this product?



  1. "different people, different shades, same product! " - very cool!
    E uma óptima estratégia da parte deles!...

    1. gostei muito do efeito. sem dúvida, óptima estratégia! :)

  2. Hi there Just come across your blog and I must say it is Lovely !!

    Keep up the good work

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    1. hey! thanks so much!
      I'll surely check it out!



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