Hair Inspiration

It's been a little over a year since I changed my hair colour (and cut): from brunette with a long hair to copper with shoulder lenght hair. I then tried bright red, but for some reason, the colour didn't stick and I decided to try colouring my hair at home, using OLIA. The colour is amazing and it's lasting a lot more than my last trip to the hair saloon!

But the time has come to visit a professional and have my hair properly dyed ( and cut). I enjoyed seeing myself with bright hair colour and that's what I'm going for. I'm just not sure about the cut, but i feel I should risk a "just-above-the-shoulders" cut. My volumous/fizzy/rebelious hair has a will of its own, making it hard to style, but thank god I bought a hair straightner! :)

Should I risk a shorter haircut or keep it medium and growing?

As for the colour, it's just like the pictures below: bright, vibrant red!

Have a wonderful monday!



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