Good things come for those who can wait!

Not much is there to be said. I've been dreaming of this item since it became available online (when I saw it in stores it was love at first sight!). I waited and watched as sale season began, crossing my fingers. And now, here it is!

Metallic dark green. The ideal size to fit my everyday stuff and, if a more formal event comes along, I'll just leave the shoulder strap at home (and get into a vintage vibe)!




  1. eu do saco fazia uma mala! espectacular o padrão do saco! :D

    1. O "padrão" está sempre a mudar. Depende da luz e do ângulo em que tiras a fotografia. Mas sim, é espectacular! :) e a mala não fica nada atrás!! *_*


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