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Mascara has always been a touchy subject for me. Yes, now I wear it everyday, but I only bought my first one two years ago. I tried it when I was younger and when proceeding to remove it, I found the task too difficult to be accomplished properly and didn't care for it for years. The fact that I have dark and reasonably long lashes is a bonus.
The discovery of what a mascara could do for my eyes came when THE BODY SHOP gave me a sample of their volumizing grey mascara. First thing: it was grey, muuuuch easier to remove! Second, it was very easy to put on so I gave it a go. I could have proceeded to purchase a full size if SEPHORA wasn't having a sale and I found a GIVENCHY one that cost less and had a very unusual brush. Enter Phenomen'Eyes.

Curiosity was spiked (pun intended!)
It is an amazing product that does wonders! It comes as no suprise that when it ended I immediately went to SEPHORA to purchase another one, but my endeavours were completely discouraged by the full price of the mascara! Sad sad.
Not being capable of spending so much money on a mascara, I turned my attention to other brands but was faced with two problems: there's no grey mascaras except in brands like CHANEL, GIVENCHY or YSL; for a girl with sensitve skin, prone to get burnt eyelids from using tick-waterproof-like products, there aren't many options, even if you give in and start to look for a black mascara.

Enter M.A.C.
Seriously a life saver. As I entered the store and started to browse the mascara section, I felt lost. Everything I picked up seemed to say "waterproof" or "extra black". And then a nice lady came to me and asked what I wanted to get from the product: volume? Lenght?
Cutting to the chase, this is a very long post: Extended Play Gigablack Lash. I really like it, although if I can be honest, gets tricky to apply it sometimes! Here's the process of applying mascara:

I'm very pleased with the outcome! A few strokes and I'm ready (after the picture was taken, I only applied blush and was off to work). What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of the mascaras mentioned? What's your favourite?




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