Blogging on the go

The moment F gave me my iPad mini, blogging became a very easy task. The first step was to get the app for BLOGGER, so that I could write the posts. 
The app has some limitations, you can't center your photos or change the font, but for some who blogs most of the time during her time on the bus to work, it's great.
After BLOGGER, I looked for some apps to edit the photos and make collages and now I have two awsome apps.

MOLDIV and PIXLR are great! On the first one, I get to do funny collages on so many different layouts:

Personalize the background:

And add text:

Effects and be added also, both to the collage as a whole or to each photo individualy.

Next up is PIXLR. I use it eveytime I post something, to square size the pictures and add "@iseekinspiration". It also has some cool effects, great to apply to photos soon to be featured on the blog.

The "adjustment" extended menu.


Selecting a font.


So here you have it. My secrets to I Seek Inspiration as you see it every week. :) I must confess I don't remember if these are free apps or not! Sorry!

Have a great wednesday!



  1. olha que fixe!
    não sabia dessa aplicação do blogger.
    se calhar vou usar para o meu blog.

    1. Funciona lindamente. No browser do ipad, o site do blogger não funciona a 100%, a app é uma óptima alternativa.


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