2015, please give me...

This post is not meant for small things, like coats, shoes and makeup. I decided to to write about BIG wants. And my BIG wants are 3. Simple as that.

1 - Beach Vacation: as I lost my "student" status and began working, the weight of daily responsibilities and tasks began to take its toll. I am no longer capable to function after 4 hours of sleep, my sleeping hours are sacred and I long for moments when I have absolutely nothing to do. The idea of an "all inclusive" resort vacation is very appealing and I'm already looking into it for the summer.

2 - City Vacation: as much as relaxing in a white sand beach and swimming for hours in the sea may sound, I also like to explore urban sights. The idea of traveling to London for a few days grows more and more on me, so who knows? 2015 may be the year for it!

3 - DSLR Camera: this is one I've been postponing for quite some time. If all goes according to plan, I'll have one by september. As of the moment, my pictures are taken with my iPad and, occasionally, with my compact FUJIFILM camera. Of course having a better camera would improve my photos here on the blog, but the thruth is I long to use my own camera when taking photos of the orchestra during their concerts. Also, whenever I travel, the photographs would be so much better!

What do you want this new year to bring you? Do you have some place you wish to visit?
Regarding DSLR cameras, do you have any reccomendations?




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