The Paris Journals: part 4

The final photos of the Paris trip... It was an amazing trip, I wish we were back there now! Eating delicious caramel macarrons! *sighs*

 But before we returned home, there was a day filled with magic...

This is truly my "happy place on earth", specially in F's company! Next time we really have to visit the Studios, but Disneyland will always be Disneyland and no trip to Paris is complete without it!
This concludes The Paris Journals series. I hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures, hopefully 2015 will bring along more trips and new places to discover! And many photographs *winks*




  1. if you scroll down and up the second image (the colorful tea cans) it creates a really nice optical illusion :D

    (I found out by accident)

    1. Now that you mention it... And some of those can be found in Lisbon! But my love for tea is still stronger with Marriage Frères!! Kusmi Tea is great too!


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