Cold days

Temperatures have been decreasing everyday and now it's finally the right weather for the right season! 
And I say this because my lips and hands have began dry and get itchy. My solution? Hand cream and the best combination of gloss and lipstick!

Nothing new here. THE BODY SHOP's hand creams are my favourites and the Honey one is amazing. Plus, for the holidays the store makes small gifts that include either hand cream+soap or hand cream+lip balm, so no excuses to go and grab one!
The launch of YSL Vernis à Lèvres was a most antecipated event and I became a fan as soon as I bought my first! I have tried a similar product from a different brand and it's really not the same! The colour stays for hours without drying, so it's basically the best product if your lips are getting dried and you want to wear a colour that stays for hours and it's not a good idea to wear a matte lipstick! *chuckles*

All in all, a purple-ish pink that stays bright and glossy a long time!





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