The traveling series #1

Ever since I was little, I have had the opportunity to travel regularly and it became an activity I enjoy very much. Just the thought of entering an airplane makes me happy and excited, no matter how short the journey.

This month I'll be travelling with my boyfriend and preparing the trip is being a thrill. Here are some tips if you have an upcoming trip or if you're thinking about going on one:

- acquire city/country guides: there's one for every type of traveler  and they contain valuable information and maps. If you're more of a digital person, digital guides are also available to use on your smartphone or tablet. Tips about restaurants with access to some reviews, stores you must go to and maps are some of the things you can expect, and some apps don't even require internet access.

- plan your trip: selecting activities for each day saves a lot of time and you'll be completely free to enjoy the trip to its fullest. Most monuments and museums have websites with all the information you need about opening hours, how to get there, and in most cases, the day you can visit without any charge. Another great thing is that european citizens under 25/26 years of age can go to almost every monument for free.

- aside from reading traveling guides, the internet is a powerful tool. People share experiences on personal blogs and information about restaurants for nearly every wallet is available with a single click. 

- don't forget to check the weather forecast: traveling without the appropriate clothes can make things a little difficult. You wouldn't want to face cold and rain wearing sandals, right?

These are pretty obvious tips, but remembering them is always a good idea. Do you have any tips you'd like to share? How often do you travel?




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