What's in it?

Sharing is caring and today I'm sharing what's in my beauty bag.
Starting by the bag itself, it's part of a set from PRIMARK. Black with baby pink polka dots, silky touch, just great to carry in your bag everyday.

I have managed to keep it simple, carry around only the products I need on a daily basis. I'm sure this is an example of a very light beauty bag!

Lip products: if you're a frequent reader, it comes as no surprise that I use THE BODY SHOP to keep my lips smooth and hydrated. For a little glam in days when there is no time to wear lipstick, H&M's ligloss in a light coral shade does the trick just fine. It's a serious bargain and quite good.

Compact mirror: lilac, double, used to have a hawaiian flower printed...used to!
Miscellaneous: hand cream from THE BODY SHOP, a vintage medicine box, o.b. box and some cotton balls because you never know!

This is it...if I'm not organized, by the end of the week I find two or three lipsticks in there. But I try not to get there, it's just extra stuff to carry around!

Have an awesome day!



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