If you dont feel rested, at least look rested.

As much as try to sleep long and well enough, something always seems to wake me up in the middle of the night, thus breaking my beauty sleep and making me feel sooo tired in the morning. As a result, dark circles form under my eyes. This is something that happens to everyone, I'm just lucky enough mine aren't too deep and dark, more like a shadow you cannot remove!

Over the weekend I  went to M.A.C, decided to solve the "problem". From what I gathered online, the Mineralize Concealer was the best choice for me and the ladies at the store suggested it, along with a pressed powder to mattify the eye area after apllying the concealer.

Today was the first time I tried the products...

Without any makeup:

After applying the concealer and the powder (no foundation or any other products):

The results are subtle, but they're visible! I'm very pleased with my purchases and even more in love with the quality of M.A.C cosmetics.

After, it was time to apply black eyeliner, mascara and orange lipstick and off to work!




  1. Mesmo sem nada, não se nota tanto as olheras... Havias de ver as minhas xD

    1. Tem dias! Hoje até dormi bem e consegui descansar bem no fim de semana. Mas recomendo e muito estes produtos! Procurei várias opiniões e reviews (e preços), foi o corrector que mais me agradou!


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