Only a few days away

That's right, my birthday is only a few days away. Due to the amount of work I had last week, there was no opportunity to think about what I'd like to receive. I finally managed to give it some thought and the result is what you see here. A backpack is also on my thoughts, but I haven't found the perfect model.

Last week, during my trip to Italy and due the very hot weather, my iPad case got ruined and I have been forced to look into some options and came up with the two you'll see in the image: a complete case and a back shell, compatible with the smart cover. Still don't know which one to pick... Thoughts?

1- TOO FACED concealer
2- LUSH Enchated Eye Cream
3- M.A.C Lipstick Heroine
4- TOO FACED Primed and Poreless powder
5- iPad folio case from EBAY
6- M.A.C Lipstick Sweet and Sour
7- iPad back shell from EBAY




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