Tattoos have been something I like for many years, but it wasn't until I was 20 that I got my first one. 3 years later, I still look at it with a goofy smile and proud attitude for conquering my fear of needles.

I was approached by a new brand a few weeks ago, inviting me to check their website and browse through the various designs they have for temporary tattoos. The Temporary Tattoo Store offers you the opportunity to design your own temporary tattoo and to select its size. I was thrilled when they sent me a sample, with the blog's name, so i could try it.

The process is really straight forward: peel off the transparent plastic, apply on skin, wet with a cloth and peel off after a few seconds. I was advised to apply a cream, just like a real tattoo. 

The packaging, that I loved for its minimalism. The tattoos are also gorgeous and served as a great tryout for, who knows, a future permanent one.

Here's how it looked:

Thank you Meg for sending me the samples and for all your kindness.
You want to check out e website, click here and good luck choosing just one design! :)




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