New in the house

Over the weekend I acquired some beauty products. You know that say that goes "a girld can never have too many shoes"? I feel the same when it comes to cosmetics, body care, bath produtcs...

Micelar water: NIVEA
Body lotion: THE BODY SHOP English Dawn White Gardenia
Eyeliner: ESSENCE Liquid Ink

If you read some of the recent posts, you know how hard it is for me to find a decent makeup remover: either they don't get the job done or when they do, my eyelids get burnt in the process. All oil-based products are completly off limits and I had to turn to 2 different solutions: for a more durable makeup ( as hard to remove as waterproof) I go for LUSH's Ultrabland. For makeup without the characteristics of waterproof, micelar waters seem great, since they also clean the face. This one from NIVEA is also gentle on the eyes and mine have been reacting amazingly well to it.
ESSENCE's eyeliner was a surprise. For budget makeup, I wasn't expecting to find such an easy-to-apply product and it stays on all day without fading. But still, LUSH's Independent is my favourite so far.
The only thing I can say about the body lotion is that is smells SO GOOD! I'm a huge fan of the Spa line from Polynesia, but changing the scent from time to time is a good idea. I imagine the texture is the same as other body lotions and I'll share my thoughts soon enough.

And now...the INVISIBOBBLE. I'm not the first person to share my thoughts about the product, so I'll keep it brief: it works JUST AS ADVERTISED and it is money well spent. I tried it first with my hair straighten. After three hours of having my hair tied, the INVISIBOBBLE came out without ripping any hairs or leaving any marks. A big thumbs up for the idea and I'm considering buying the TANGLE TEEZER.

After such a long text, all I can say is that I'm happy with everything I brought home.
I hope everyone's week is going well :)




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