A wish your heart makes

Making wishlists is easy. Going from that to the point where you actually purchase the items, is another.
I crave way too many things, so it takes some thinking to actually sort out the things I need. The item presented here was craved more than needed, but it was also an opportunity I could not pass.

It was probably last year that I heard about this collection. A friend shared the link on facebook and my eyes started to sparkle and in my head I said "I'm going to buy a pair". I could have easily set the idea aside after a few months, had I not subscribed to VANS' site to receive the latest news. And if it weren't a The Beatles collection.
The important thing here is that I absolutely adore The Beatles. I don't claim to know all about them, but I do own the digitaly remastered stereo discography that came out in 2009, plus tshirts. A pair of shoes was the next thing.

I have heard their songs all my life ("There are places I remember/All my life"), a couple of songs have been set as my alarm and my dad's ring tone is Two of Us, from the album Let it Be. I am only 23 years old, but I cannot deny the influence The Beatles have had in music but also sociologically, historicaly, even in fashion (I mean, those hairstyles and John Lennon's glasses...). This season, OYSHO has a few items with a quote from John Lennon - it's not The Beatles, but still pretty close.

I am just thrilled to have these shoes. The pictures actually do them justice concerning colours, but they're even prettier live! Perhaps an outfit post feautring them sometime soon?

The Beatles Yellow Submarine by VANS Era Shoes




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