Spring Wishlist

1 to 7: BIMBA & LOLA
Although I included three bags, 5 is the cutest thing if, like me, vintage pieces melt your heart, and its brightness just screams spring and summer. 3 and 4 are easy to combine with multiple outfits and easy to carry around ( and my iPad fits them both apparently). 
Wearing multiple items of the same jewelry piece has become a thing for me. I love pairing rings, and both 2 and 6 have the perfect vibe for warm sunny days. And to go along, there's 7, the bracelet version of ring(s) 6.
Since I'm not a heels kind of girl ( not that I don't like them, it's just not practical in Lisbon), flats are usually my go-to option in any season, and in spring and summer, sandals are perfect. Occasionally I find some wedges that are comfortable to walk around in, but sandals like 1 are always what I look for.

Ultrabland is a very peculiar product. It seems like a wax and it clears all trace of makeup from your face, as well as it cleans and sooths the skin. Take a little in your fingers and spread it all over your face, gently rubbing as you do it. Afterwards, take a ball of cotton and with warm water or a liquid tonic ( Tea Tree Water is great) clean your face and remove the product, leaving just a little trace if you have dry skin ( or completely removing it if you have oily skin). Et voila, clean and moisturized skin.

I've been using less and less sneakers with my outfits, mostly because mine are falling apart and also because it just doesn't feel right to wear them to work everyday. But as soon as I heard about this collaboration, I knew I had to have one pair. The designs on all pairs are inspired by the album Yellow Submarine and they are absolutely beautiful. This is my favourite and will soon be coming home with me, but here are the others.

This is a spring wishlist and although warm days have only just began, I'm already dreaming about bikinis and beach and light fabrics with colour, lots of colour.
What are your wishes for this spring?




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