Things I love

Sunny days: the weather over here has been horrible but alas, the sun has been appearing and this makes me so happy!! It's refreshing to feel the warmth of the sun after so much wind and rain.

Rings, nailpolish, tattoos: I do not have such delicate and slim hands, but this looks so awesome! From the nailpolish to the heart tattoo and finally the rings ( although I don't usually wear this many).

Turquoise: I have two pieces of jewelry with turquoises and I have always loved the colour. Plus, the kimono in this image is just beautiful!!

Tangerine: My first purchase from NARS was a big success: I love the turquoise eye paint and I love this tangerine lipstick. Also, today I dyed my hair again and finally got rid of those dark roots. "Tangerine" or "copper" could both describe my hair colour at the moment. :)




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