From the Great Masters

On my last visit to Madrid, I got the opportunity to revisit the Reina Sofia Museum and took some silly pictures outside the museum, remember?

This time, I went to see another old friend. Well, Museo del Prado, of course! I didn't take a lot of pictures because there's a "no photos" policy in some areas of the museum, but my friend managed to sneak these:

These paintings are from the Black Paintings series, from Goya. The first one is a favourite, but the whole area is quite impressive. I did get a funny feeling when I got to these paintings, like some sort of soundtrack was missing. I also found I knew exactly what could be playing as I went from one painting to another:

This was my monday. As for my tuesday, I spent the whole day at home, relaxing, watching movies.

Yesterday's mood except there was no blanket and it was just me (my boyfriend had classes all day). Still, it was a very calm and relaxed day!

I hope you had a wonderful wednesday :)



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