Fighting the rain

The last couple of days have been absolutely horrible. Between the rain and the cold, I find myself wearing the same boots everyday and have no clue as what to do with my hair. Usually I end up putting a beanie and as soon as get to work, I do a very sloppy ponytail to get the hair out of my eyes.

Waking up yesterday, I felt inspired by all the hours I spent pinning and browsing on Pinterest. I decided to make a high bun with a braid on the back of my head. As for the clothes, a skirt and a lace blouse felt perfect to add a feminine touch and to contrast with my boots.

Lace blouse: ZARA
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: vintage
Star earrings: BIMBA & LOLA
Red earrings: STONE BY STONE

Have an awesome day, even if it's raining!XOXO,



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