New Season

Hello beautiful people! I hope your "new-week-blues" have faded away a little and that you're starting to get your hopes up for the weekend that's coming!

Today I won't bring you motivational/inspirational images like the ones from monday. Instead, I bring you my favourite picks (so far) from the new collections of my favourite stores.


mini city bag, flat turquoise shoes, blouse

H&M SS14 

imitation leather pants, cotton blouse, midi skirt


 necklace, blouse, bracelet

Trying my best to cut down on tshirts and investing in a more lady/work-like wardrobe, my eyes jumped instantly to the blouse from ZARA and the skirt from H&M. Since my leather pants were ruined last year, I haven't been able to replace them. Although not the obvious pick for Spring, I might just buy these anyway and kick off next winter in the best way possible. The flats are being given my full attention and I'm considering buying them and the bracelet is one of the most delicate and feminine pieces I've seen recently. Looking at the whole selection, I'd say I'm going to have a very feminine Spring (or so I hope).
Have a wonderful wednesday!



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