Hello everyone! Happy Monday (yes, HAPPY, fight the blues, c'mon!)!
Feeling not-so-feminine today? Depressed now that the weekend is over? I now just what to boost your mood.

I browse online a lot. A LOT really. I read articles, I check out blogs, I search through websites and page after page before going shopping. Saves me time and shows me all the options out there. As I was doing that the other day, I came across a post from a portuguese blog, Coquette à Portuguesa, showing a DVT for ARTDECO product that instantly caught my attention. Back when she was still with Marilyn Manson, I admired Dita Von Teese and her burlesque style. The porcelain doll face with such bright red lips was a look I craved and seeing that there is a makeup line with DVT's touch, made me thrilled. After knowing where the blogger bought it (THANK YOU THANK YOU!), I went looking for it and was oh so happy. Even managed to get me another YSL item!

A Candlelight powder, a Lip Lacquer and two nail polishes. The Lip Lacquer is actually a bright red, but the light hasn't been great for pictures the last days. Hopefully, the  Lip Lacquer will be just as good as YSL Vernis à Lèvres.
The YSL nail polish is suppose to produce a tie-dye effect, but I have yet to master its art. I'll settle for the shimmering top coat for now.

Thanks again to Jael from Coquette à Portuguesa, for sharing such awesome products!




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