Wishlist #2

Day by day, Christmas draws near. People get more and more desperate to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, but not me. I smile 'cause I am nearly finished with my Christmas' shopping, yey!! And that is a great thing, 'cause my only free time is after dinner hours and by that time I'm so tired I just want to get home and call it a day.

I already showed you my BIMBA & LOLA wishlist, here. Can you guess what #2 is all about? :)

LUSH!!! I just couldn't leave out this beloved brand from my Christmas' wishlist (or any list)!

Glamour Lipstick
9 to 5 Cleaning Lotion
Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar
Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

The lipstick is a favourite and mine is almost to an end so it's a good thing Christmas is around the corner. I have been trying out new cleansers, since my current one has started to leave burn marks on my eyelids. Not good. 
Massage bars I have tried two and absolutely love the results. Works just like a body butter and what better than to have a Snow Fairy Bar to pair up with the shower gel? And the body conditioner...awh, I could say wonders but nothing beats trying it out! The smell of Ro's Argan is amazing and I'm not saying anything else, you can read my review here!

What are you hoping to have under the tree this year?




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