Wishlist #1

With a little help from this be-a-utiful playlist, I'm getting into the holiday spirit. Although my country has only a few regions with snow, the cold windy days are present and luckily there hasn't been any rain so far, only sunny days! Perfect weather for a hot chocolate or a delicious cup of tea!

Wishlists are always present this time of the year and I'll be showing you my first.

All from BIMBA & LOLA

A wallet, a most wanted wallet to accompany me for many long years so I don't have to look for a new one every year. Two different vanity pouches but I'm leaning towards the blue one because the pup reminds me of our dog, Paco. A black leather bag; a girl can never have too many black bags, or bags in general!

This is my first wishlist for this season. Hopefully I'll be inspired by the Christmas joy and more will come! Have a lovely sunday :)




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